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MedicalAstrology.net is a well-known Service Provider of Hindu Priest Services, Vastu Consultancy, Horoscope Reading Services, Online Astrology Services and Astrology Services. Our services are very beneficial in healing various physical problems and diseases like cancer, AIDS, depression, sugar and various other problems. We are working with complete dedication on how to keep everyone healthy and happy, following simple remedy. Through genuine Astrological Solutions, we are catering to the needs of people in India and all over the world.

Our experts are the soul of our organization. They are equipped with in-depth knowledge of the domain and are engaged in benefitting the people, thereby offering the best services to them. One can be sure of getting positive results while availing our services. We don’t believe in profit making and provide 100% genuine results.

The foundation of MedicalAstrology.net was laid in Gurgaon (Haryana) in 2002. It is a Service Provider of Hindu Priest Services, Vastu Consultancy, Horoscope Reading Services, Online Astrology Services and Astrology Services. The organization is running very smoothly under the able ownership of Mrs. Savita and Mr. Naresh.

Our organization comprises of experts, who are equipped with the detailed knowledge of astrology, horoscope, etc. They are committed to offer the best services to our esteemed clients. They are the masters of all scriptures and Vedas. With this, they are able to provide highly effectual services. 

Client Satisfaction
100% satisfaction of our honored clients is the foremost objective of our organization. We don’t believe in earning huge money through our services. Our chief aim is to provide completely genuine services to them, which leads to their problem solving and a happy life. We deliver them total content. 

We have storehouse of numerous holy books, scriptures, epics, and many such holy literatures. These are very beneficial for offering our services. Our sophisticated office is always open for valuable customers, who can approach our expert astrologers anytime. We have all the requisite resources for offering highly effectual services.


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What People Say About Our Service

“I have found MedicalAstrology.net to be very professional, and full of compassion. The makes one feel very at ease and thus able to open up. They helped me immensely by giving me a much better understanding of myself and how I relate to other people which has enabled me to improve my relationships both on a professional and personal level. Their understanding of astrology, and how they explains it, makes it all seem so simple!”
Sudhanshu Joshi
“Through their astrological consultations, They has taught me how to look objectively at myself. They helped me get through a traumatic period following my divorce, and I have gained greater insight into how I feel about myself and thus how to approach others.” 
Kunal Sharma
“It has been a real privilege to have such a competent, accomplished person as Mr. Naresh to focus his skills on my case. To be able to combine his knowledge of astrology, anatomy, and medicine would have been a powerful enough synergy without the bonus of his psychological understanding. Being able to reach this service from a distance was indeed useful. ” 
Seema Bhatia

Our Team